About Us

About us

We have a range of support services to help you live well,from in-home personal care to support out and about in the community. The support you receive is entirely up to you.

Our Identity

We are a team of compassionate people who care to enrich people’s lives and build their capacity toward self-determination.

Our Vision

Our vision is that everyone is cared for with every opportunity to improve the quality of their lives, achieve their goals, and enhance their wellbeing.

Our Mission

We exist to help people along the journey to live the best life of their choice, whatever their circumstance.

Our Values

We are determined to demonstrate: Compassion, Respect, Accountability, Integrity, Diversity, Innovation, Sustainability & Excellence

Disability Services

We are NDIS registered provider, available across Queensland. We provide compassionate support and quality professional care through our services. Our service operates 8 days a week and we are ready to help you in your journey. Our services are like no other, and everyone is talking about the JiviCare difference.


By genuinely focusing on, caring for, being interested in, and dedicated to enhancing the lives of our participants, their families, our staff, and community we are able to make a significant and sustainable improvement to wellbeing.


We diligently manage the needs of our participants, staff, and programs, ensuring that the services we provide are holistic, person-centred, respectful, responsive, flexible, inclusive, and of the highest standard.

We design, tailor, and deliver our services based on the holistic needs of individuals and the broader communities in which they live. We respect individual’s privacy and rights to freedom of expression, self-determination, and decision-making.

Support Services

At JiviCare, we know that the key to getting the best out of your NDIS Plan is to ensure that supports meet your needs and are personalised to assist you to achieve your goals. We do this by having highly skilled Support Coordinators who are excellent communicators with strong knowledge and skills. They understand the needs of others and build meaningful relationships.


If you are looking for immediate support to get your first plan, manage a plan review, are having difficulty having your needs met, or are ready to experience care with a remarkable difference – let us know.


Our team of Support Coordinators are:


  • Local professionals with many years of connections
  • Adept communicators, ready to take the time to truly listen.
  • Extremely organised, efficient, and candid when it is needed most.
  • Very experienced in many fields of care (aged, physical, mental health, youth, education, & accommodation)
  • Well versed and connected in multiple areas and systems within the industry (rehabilitation, public health, mental health care team(s), education, criminal justice, community services, casework, family, and community services)